2016 Global Opportunity Index - About

In a global economy where trade, finance and investment are interconnected, any changes (for example new regulations or the onset of a crisis) in one region may have a worldwide impact. The International Finance and Macroeconomics team at the Milken Institute aims at disentangling some of these complex relations in order to help facilitate access to capital, identify investment opportunities and enable balanced growth.

As part of a non-partisan and non-profit think tank, we seek to create a platform that offers: (1) timely issues identified and framed in a clear and pragmatic manner, (2) actionable information to our supporters and practitioners, and (3) effective interaction between the financial community and regulators/policy makers.

Our goal is to influence the national and international conversation through:

We currently focus on:
Systemic Risk and Financial Stability - macro-financial linkages and features of the corresponding regulatory framework.
Capital Flows and Investment - MI Global Opportunity Index and analysis based on aggregated as well as market-level data.