2016 Global Opportunity Index
Cross-Border Investment in Europe: From Macro to Financial Data
UK Financial Reforms:
Bank of England 2.0
Based on the 2016 edition of the Milken Institute Global Opportunity Index, the report assesses the attractiveness of Asian countries to foreign investors and provides a closer look at the composition of Asia's capital inflows
In the aftermath of the 2007-2008 financial crisis, new legislation and regulations have pressured banks and insurance companies to reduce their size, leverage, and riskier lines of business in order to avoid another too-big-to-fail debacle


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T20 Japan | 01/29/2019

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Macroprudential Policy and Financial Stability: Where Do We Stand?
Claude Lopez with Jonathon Adams-Kane, Elham Saeidinezhad and Jakob Wilhelmus
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Global Opportunity Index: A European Experience
Claude Lopez and Elham Saeidinezhad
Milken Institute | 12/01/2017

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Jonathon Adams-Kane and Jakob Wilhelmus
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The Hill | 09/15/2017

Will the Surge in Chinese M&A in Southeast Asia Survive a Regulatory Clampdown?
Jonathon Adams-Kane
Milken Institute | 09/08/2017

Increased Chinese Presence and Other Developments in the Southeast Asian Cross-Border M&A Landscape
Jonathon Adams-Kane
Milken Institute | 09/06/2017

Global Opportunity Index 2017: Global Investors’ Growing Focus on Asia
Jakob Wilhelmus
Milken Institute | 09/06/2017

Central Counterparties Help, But Do Not Assure Financial Stability
Claude Lopez and Elham Saeidinezhad
Milken Institute | 07/19/2017

Regulation Almost Destroyed Money Market Funds, But Cash Management Needs Kept Them Alive
Jakob Wilhelmus and Jonathon Adams-Kane
Milken Institute | 07/17/2017

The Real Story Behind the C&I Lending Slowdown
William Lee and Jonathon Adams-Kane
American Banker | 05/17/2017

Every Trade Counts: Dark Pools as Alternative Infrastructures
Elham Saeidinezhad
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Not More, but Better Data
Claude Lopez
#MIGlobal at linkedIn | 04/30/2017

The Slowdown in Bank Lending
William Lee and Jonathon Adams-Kane
Milken Institute Review | 04/27/2017

New Rule Gives Small Banks Fighting Chance Against Dodd-Frank
Jakob Wilhelmus
The Hill | 04/24/2017

The Border Tax Unraveled
William Lee
Milken Institute Review | 04/19/2017

The Asset Management Industry, Systemic Risk, and Macroprudential Policy
Claude Lopez
Journal of Financial Transformation, 2017, vol. 45, 121-128 | 04/17/2017

Orderly Resolution: Dodd Frank’s Title II vs. Chapter 14
Elham Saeidinezhad
The CLS Blue Sky Blog | 03/24/2017

Critical to Keep Benefits of Trade Deficit in Mind
Jakob Wilhelmus | 03/16/2017

Foreign Bank Behavior During Financial Crises
Jonathon Adams-Kane, Julián A. Caballero, and Jamus Jerome Lim
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Volume 49, Issue 2-3, March-April 2017, 351–392 | 03/14/2017

Unraveling Dodd-Frank Without Congress
Claude Lopez
Huffington Post | 03/03/2017

Financial Deregulation: Repeal or Adjust?
Claude Lopez and Elham Saeidinezhad
Columbia Law School | 02/06/2017

Asset Managers and Collateral: Control of the Center
Elham Saeidinezhad
Milken Institute | 02/02/2017

Reality Check: Financial Regulation Faces a Stress Test
Jakob Wilhelmus
Milken Institute | 01/23/2017

The Securities Settlement System: Without Regulation, Contagion?
Elham Saeidinezhad
Milken Institute | 01/20/2017

Anatomy of a Reshuffling, Part II: The Shifting Landscape of Global Banking
Jonathon Adams-Kane
TabbFORUM | 01/10/2017

Anatomy of a Reshuffling, Part I: Snapshots of Global Banking
Jonathon Adams-Kane
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Think Tank Awards 2016: Milken Institute was Praised for its Work on Capital Flows | November 29, 2016

Volatility vs. Exposure: Understanding the Sources of Financial Distress
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Is Asset Management the Next Frontier in Systemic Risk?
Claude Lopez | September 27, 2016

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